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The Eco Guest House

Green Dragon Award

More information about our Green Dragon Environment Standard Award can be found in the case study (PDF) from the Welsh Assembly Government. Below are some quotes from the case study:

“Everything that can be recycled is, and guests are encouraged to do the same. The result is that even when the accommodation is full (up to 16 people) only one ‘wheelie’ bin is used per week.”

“Solar panels have been fitted on the south facing gable end of the main building and on the garden room to ensure an efficient use of sunlight to heat water.”

“Guests can consider leaving their cars at home when visiting Bryn Elltyd as the owners have gone a long way to ensure they can have an enjoyable holiday either on foot or by bringing mountain bikes.”

“Welsh produced food is used wherever possible by the owners when catering for guests. Free range eggs and vegetables are supplied locally.”

“The owners have been able to use their personal experience and former training to advantage in their ‘second careers’ of running a guest house. They are experienced in teaching those with special needs and are very happy to welcome such visitors, within the physical confines of the building.”

Click here for more info on the Green Dragon Award.

What Makes Our Guest House Eco?

Turf Roofs

Turf Roofs

At Bryn Elltyd Eco Guest House we believe you should be able to enjoy a holiday without damaging the environment.

We are a 100% Carbon Neutral, getting all our energy from renewables. That includes the sauna, heating, kitchen, electric, wi fi, 3 car charge points and a host of other things… Not bad for 1883 stone building 700ft up a Welsh mountain!

Below are some of the on site assessment we have passed…..

Green Dragon Environment Standard  Welsh eco scheme

Green Tourism.    UK  eco scheme…….. Gold award twice


Superhomes.        A UK eco organisation looking energy use in older homes.  They access us as 92% energy saving

Trip Advisor Green Leader.    Global scheme not related to reviews but sustainability.  it took us 5 weeks after it became available to Europe to go in at top Platinium level.



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Renewable Energy

  • 100% Carbon Neutral renewable electricity and heating
  • Computer controlled biomass central heating integrated with solar panel water arrays.
    Burns wood gas at 900c and auto cleans itself every night.
  • 2 huge solar water heating arrays
  • To 2 efficient log burners.  Local logs or timber from our own 1 acre garden
  • Locally sourced and reclaimed timber used as fuel
  • 2000 watts of solar electric panels.
  • 32 amp electric Car charging points.  and two 16 amp points. All electric is made on site or from 100% renewable sources

Local Produce

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in rich composted soil
  • Local free range eggs and our own duck eggs. Local Sausage and bacon
  • Local shops and business supported. Up cycled chairs /tables from 1mile
  • Recycled timber used for fences, wood stores etc
  • 80% spend within 13miles. Supermarket spend is 2miles away at Co-op on co-op card from Co-op bank


  • Rain water capture for toilet flushing
  • Rain water capture for allotment watering
  • Chamber biological sewerage system, with normal flushing loos, filtered by reed bed into our duck pond.
  • Metered mains water


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  • Cunning design added to 1883 building reducing outside walls
  • Extra external and internal insulation
  • Sheep’s wool insulation
  • Turf roofs / sedum green roofs
  • 2 conservatories for heat capture and venting into house


  • 100% Fairtrade tea and coffee
  • Other Fairtrade products used where possible


  • Glass, paper and plastic recycled
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products used
  • Recycled toilet paper
  • Recycled printer paper
  • Engineering skills used to repair and recycle as needed.
  • One wheelie bin for 15 people on a 3 week emptying cycle


Bryn Elltyd Eco Guest House

Bryn Elltyd Eco Guest House