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Our Latest Eco Developments

Over the last 2 years we have been
working hard on our Eco stuff!

Here is an update of all our work!


£17k of gable end extension  built on south facing original gable end.

We have one less outside wall and the 39inch thick granite wall now acts as a thermal mass. Hundreds of tons of rock wall being heated by the boiler house.  It has cavity walls, filled and dry lined on most of the inside. 21 layers of mylar insulation for ceiling. Roof is slated and felted. Door and frame are recycled.

Inside is £20k of state of art OKOFEN wood gasification ch / water boiler, which self ignites wood pellets and burns the gas at 900c. it cleans itself every night. It senses outside and inside zones temps every 30 secs and averages them before deciding to switch on or not. Monday burns hot to kill all potential legionella.  Heating temp of water is dependant on time the heat is needed and the balance of sensors. Fuelled by 6t bag of A1 plus high energy wood pellets from FSC and local supplier 30miles away.

Computer integrated to this, is 10m of evacuated solar thermal tubes. This goes into one of two  pre-lagged tanks.  Scavenge pump circulate water to the far side of house so the long lag of cold, tepid, luke warm, warm then acceptable water, running off down the drain is reduced. Less water waste. All built by us and Welsh local builders and local architect. Advanced eco technology in tune with natures resources.

Calor gas boiler now obsolete.   Gained very early RHI for installation.

Logstore  / solar PV electric

4 foot away from boilerhouse hand dug into mountain is a 9 m long wood store. part built with recycled timber and railway sleeper. Some is slatted to aid seasoning ( about 4t wood) and some is a dry store. This houses the Pv controls. On it’s due south facing roof is  solar  electric PV. We can be generating more power than the house at rest on a dank, misty day  Solar pv / wood gasifying boiler was installed by local Welsh installers. Fencing to cover  area was recycled.

Front car park including 3 electric car charging points

Recycled pallet fencing, and  ELECTRIC car charging points mounted on very local (from our foundations) etched slate plinths.

We are currently offering FREE green electric car fuel to all users!

One is 32amp but is not the free unit from Zero carbon, but is £650 of  next generation, J plugged intelligent charge point. So is future proofed and is capable of being used as public charge point. All electric is made on site or from 100% green renewable sources. We must be unique in that  2 national companies have hydro plants within 200m and hydro water is re used 3 times within 3 miles.

Front Conservatory Replaced

Old timber single glazed demolished and replaced with UPVC argon filled double glazed one. Local plastic from the REHAUS factory 1k away. Installed by local craftsmen. Both of which were not the cheapest but local. No roof vents. Instead hot air will open a green house vent into house so heating our 39inch granite walls.  Trebled the dwarf wall insulation that the conservatory stands on. Window sill now very local slate.  Refurbished  sofa for conservatory.

More Insulation

Top 3 wooden double glazed window replaced with high spec UPVC double glazed  windows. Rehaus local plastic (from 1k) installed by local installer.
Two bedrooms dry-lined with 42mm closed cell foam.  Laundry cupboard stripped and 8 by 4 foot of dry-lined insulation installed.

Front Dining Room  

Old 26kw log burning fire/ back boiler removed. Replaced with £1800 of state of art 7Kw log burner. 72% efficient, can be used in smokeless zone, double glazed door, steel double liner to channel and pre heart combustion air.   Superb kit. Normal fires use 3 times as much fuel. Can have battery powered remote control that can be integrated into heating circuits!

Brand New Bike Store  

Single garage sized. Two sets of snowdonia planning permissions. Reused timbers from old front conservatory and some recycled slate.  LED external lighting.  15m Welsh green, sedum roof with drainage substrate. Inside, bolt-down points in concrete,  steel rails at handlebar height and vertical bike framework. Two medium spec  mountain bikes for hire. Pegs and racks for drying of caving suits after mine trips.  Bike store has workbench, 240v, flexible seating and drop down  hooks for bike maintenance.

Garden Improvements   

More veg plots dug out of mountain.  Spoil from building work enriched with our own compost to make raised veg plot / flower beds.  Quarry being dug out of 130 year of coal ash waste / glass and rubbish. Homemade compost to fill it behind new recycled paving slab walls.  Our own trees felled and timber seasoning pre burning.  Extra outside taps and power points for mountain bikers.