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John and Ceilia awards

Considerate Hotelier sustainability awards.  Won again. 100m from BBC in London hotel. Doorman asked to get us cab but did not know the bus to Euston. Nice glass award. No sponsorship/ expenses from anyone so as it generates no booking or PR journalist we may have to stop winning and give others like Best Western that we beat a chance.

Wales Green Energy Awards.  Our tiny 3 star guesthouse did not win but we did make the shortlist of 3 against the National Trust

Just got our 5 year of Trip advisor Certificate of excellence.

This gives us a trip advisor Hall of Fame award.  Thanks to all our happy guests

Borrowed a Electric car… Nissan Leaf.  Great to show to guests. Superb second car but 100m range too poor for us. Feed it on our 100% green electric.

Dry stone walling week.   Repairing 30m of wall with traditional skills. Good but at a £1000 cost.

Duck still sitting on eggs.

No guests so digging out old quarry 20m away. 2t of  rubbish / 130 year old coal ash out .  home rotted compost in

Invite to uni conference from WRAP  ( avoiding waste in hotels ) and Carbon Trust ( reducing carbon footprint).  Had conversation with them and offered my services free but they declined.  We have 1 wheel bin for 13 guests on a 3 week emptying cycle.  Tried for 3 weeks to fill  5l food waste bin but we just could not.  WRAP still not interested    We run entirely on renewable energy. Have 3 Car charge points. Have RHI and FIT energy payment coming in.  But Carbon Trust will not use / make a case study as we did it all without them.     Whole conference bit seems petty when they will not use local zero carbon business that has achieved what they are trying to do.

HOT or what.  July is off to a hot start. AM. on woodland management  PM in 4foot pond removing bullrushes to our compost.  Pond is last part of our 3 chamber sewerage. Clean enough for the brown trout to live in

Country file  had nice article on our extreme adventure in the Llechwedd Quarry. Bounce Below and Zip world Titan. Sunday June 28th 2015.